Moon (nMn, MnMn)

A light-colored, generally round-shaped marking that presents on the face.

Shape & Coverage

At minimum, Moon should lighten the center of the face. While it can have some variation in style, it should not stray far from the min/max ranges.

Moon example

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Minimum Recessive

Maximum Recessive

Feather Mutation Coverage

Moon can extend to cover the feathered ears of Horned stryx. However, reaching the horns is the only exception to Moon’s regular coverage range, and the rest of the marking should not exceed the allowed range on the face.


  • Moon must layer above markings that would otherwise obscure the head, such as Hood, Bald, Unders, Dominant Blanket, Scorch/Fade, Midnight/Sunrise.
  • Facial markings, such as Ink, Stains, and Blush must layer on top of Moon.

Edges, Blending & Texture

Moon itself should have hard, feathered, or moderately softened edges that follow the shape of the face.

Main Marking Texture



Eclipse Outline Texture

Moon has the option of including an outline.

This outline can be either lighter or darker than the design under it. It can also have either hard or soft edges, but cannot be too thick or fade too far back from the marking.



Colors & Interaction

Moon must lighten the color it sits on top of, be a lighter version of the base color, or be any natural color lighter than the base.


Moon cannot cover other face markings, including but not limited to: Blush, and Stains and Ink around the eyes.

Misc Section

Can Eclipse fade-erase? No

Can Eclipse be modified by a colormod? Yes

Can Eclipse show on the beak, feet, and skin? No

Things to Avoid

  • While the outline can be very soft, it should not be a full gradient & travel too far from the main part of the marking.

Correct & Incorrect Examples

Below are in-game examples of design displaying the marking, either correctly or incorrectly.