Genetics & Mutations

Foundation & Starting Your Design

Body & Tail Types

See what body and tail types are available for your stryx.

Base Coat Colors

Explore the variations of our four base coat colors:
Soil, Sand, Snow, and Nox.

Genetic Markings

Check out the marking guides to help you design your stryx.

Free Markings

Free Markings are optional, and can add personal flair to your stryx.


View our wide array of passable and non-passable mutations.

Traits & Abilities

Stryx can have special traits and abilities. See which ones that are available in-game.

Auxilliary Guides

Breeding Information

Through this link are documents for all Dracostryx breeding information and pass rates.

Natural Colors

Information on what is declared a natural color in Dracostryx, as well as marking color interaction definitions.

Beak, Feet, & Skin

Information for desinging the Beak, Feet, and Skin.

Eye Colors

Selecting your stryx’s eye color, and other information on what can allow for other non-natural colors.

Personalizing Your Import

Shading, lineart color, shifting, etc. Here is where you’ll find what you can do with your stryx import besides designing markings.