Fade (nFd, FdFd)

Freckle-like dark spots that can scatter across the body.

Shape & Coverage

(nFd) Fade is a soft gradient lightening of the extremities of a stryx. The stryx is broken down into “points” of coverage: the head, the wings, the tails, and the legs.

Fade must show on at least 3 of the 4 points, as shown in the following examples:

Recessive Fade

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Minimum Recessive

Maximum Recessive

Dominant Only

Fade must show on at least 3 of the 4 points, as shown in the following examples:

Point combination examples


  • Coverage is not dependent on recessive or dominant genes
  • Faded lightens both the base coat, and may also lighten any markings it interacts with.
  • Markings such as Min. White, Unders and Piebald can layer on top of it.
  • Stains/Tips/Ink can layer above or under Fade, however the markings still need to be easily discernible and present.

Edges, Blending & Texture

Fade must be a fully blended transition from the lighter color to the base, and should not have any streaky, feathered, or textured edges. Fade also may lighten the design & colors underneath it.

Texture Varieties

Correct/Incorrect fade examples




  • Can show just on the topside or underside of feathers, if you choose
  • Should generally show above other markings.
  • Can layer in any order with Tips and Ink
  • Stains should not cover the middle of the face like Mask
  • Stains MUST show around the eyes, even on top of genes like Hood and Eclipse– the only exceptions are Velvet stryx and Bald Heads.
  • Stains should not cover any feathers in the middle of the wing, as it resembles Barring.


Fade can layer in any order with other markings.

Colors & Interaction

Fade lightens the base coat, and may also lighten any markings it interacts with. Fade should be no more saturated than the chosen base.

When appearing on a base coat modified by a colormod like Canary, Cardinal, Jay or Olive, or Galyx or Spectrum, etc., Fade can lighten that modified base (Eg, appearing as a light blue on top of a Jay base).

examples of scorch/fade with colormod


When Scorch and Fade are both in a geno, the same 3 point minimum applies! However, so long as at least 3 points are affected by the combined markings and Scorch and Fade are both visible, you may use the markings in any combination.

Possible Combinations include:

2 Scorch points and 1 Fade point
2 Fade points and 1 Scorch point
3 Scorch and 1 Fade / 3 Fade and 1 Scorch
and so on

You may also use both Scorch and Fade on the same point, either by using one marking on the dorsal side and one on the ventral side, or by layering either marking on top of the other. Any shared coverage on one point will be counted as a single point of coverage. Markings must still meet coverage rules outlined in the above section.

Misc Section

Can Fade be modified by a colormod? Yes

Can Fade show on the beak, feet, and skin? No

Things to Avoid

  • Faded should primarily lighten the base and cannot add excessive saturation, unless affected by a colour modifier.
  • This marking needs to have a very well-blended edge transition.

Correct & Incorrect Examples

Below are in-game examples of design displaying the marking, either correctly or incorrectly.