Crescents (nCs, CsCs)

Crescent-shaped marking that follows the edges of feathers and can be any natural color.

Shape & Coverage

Crescents can present in a variety of shapes and styles– they can be a smooth arch, or even chevron-like, so long as they follow the feather shapes. They can appear on most of the stryx body, except for on any flight surfaces.


Recessive Crescents

Available Coverage Area


In dominant form, Crescents (CsCs) can double-up for denser, more concetrated coverage.

Dominant Crescents

Dominant Crescent Examples

Dominant & Recessive Crescent cont.

Below are two examples of each type of presentation.

Take note that these are just general appearances– please refer to the next tab to view more examples & guidelines on how Crescents can be presented on your stryx design.


Recessive Crescents (nCs) appears in rows, each row having one layer of crescents.


Dominant Crescent (CsCs) can have two or three layers of Crescents per row.


  • Crescents can appear anywhere within the allowed coverage range, and also do not have to cover the entire range available.

Shape & Coverage cont.

Shape Appearance

Crescents can be fairly dense and lacey. The first import here is a good example of a more arrow shaped crescent!

Crescent Density

There can be crescents more minimal in coverage and less dense, so long as the crescents themselves are not too large.

Appearing in Patches

Crescent can appear in patches around the stryx’s body.

Edges, Blending & Texture



Crescents & Using Fade-Erase

Crescents can fade-erase.

Meaning, the marking can steadily and smoothly “disappear” out into the rest of the design using a very soft erase technique.

Colors & Interaction

Crescents may be any natural color.

While crescents can be soft-erased for smoother transitions, the marking as a whole should feature only one color.

Things to Avoid

  • Crescents cannot travel into the wings or tail in a way that resembles Barring.
  • Crescents should not be too small, as to resemble Flecks or Frost.

Correct & Incorrect Examples

Below are in-game examples of design displaying the marking, either correctly or incorrectly.



Crescents are too big

Crescents are too spread apart