Bubbles (nBu, BuBu)

Creates various ring-like spots. In dominant form, Bubbles can add a second color that fills the inside of the marking.

Shape & Coverage

At minimum, Bubbles (nBu, BuBu) is a spot marking can show just on the neck or chest or back, and although they can present all across the whole range, they don’t have to be. They can also present in patches around the body.


Recessive Bubbles

Various Minimum Coverages

Minimum Recessive

Maximum Recessive


Dominant (BuBu) coverage allows for the addition of another color filling up the inside of the marking, creating the appearance of an outline around a spot.


Dominant Bubbles

Size, shape cont.

The shape of the Bubbles themselves can be most shapes, but it just cannot have sharp or firm corners– the shape, in general, must be rounded. They don’t have to be identical shapes to one another.

When you’re designing the main portion of your marking, it is okay to also have a few small “satellite” Bubbles that are smaller than the minimum size as decoration. Have too many, and they could get flagged for looking like Frost or Flecks.


Bubbles Min & Max size, in comparison to the rest of the stryx


Correct Shapes

Generally softer geometric shapes. Rectangles, triangles, and diamods are allowed if they’re rounded off enough.


Incorrect Shapes

Shapes with lots of sides, too long, or very sharp with aggressive angles, etc.


  • This marking can fade out/soft-erase into the rest of the design.
  • Each Bubble must be an enclosed loop, and also not a solid shape.

Edges, Blending & Texture

Bubbles can have a soft-erase fade out into the rest of the design.

Soft Edge Bubbles:
While there can be a soft edge, be careful to not make the Bubbles themselves appear too soft or blended.



Colors & Interaction

Bubbles have two separate options for color:

One is that Bubbles allow for any natural color.
The other is that Bubbles can inherit the color it layers over and be darker or lighter than, but saturation cannot be increased too much.

Dominant Bubbles & Colormods

Since dom Bubbles (BlBl) has the option to have 2 colors, when you have a color modifier you can mod both colors of the marking using one, or use 2 colormods with one for each part.


Example design: Sable Snow with Bubbles.

Misc Section

Can Bubbles fade-erase? Yes

Can Bubbles be modified by a colormod? Yes

Can Bubbles show on the beak, feet, and skin? No

Things to Avoid

  • Bubbles cannot be entirely geometric, but can have a geometric element about it. It must still appear as natural as possible.
  • No part of this mark can resemble Frost or Flecks.

Correct & Incorrect Examples

Below are in-game examples of design displaying the marking, either correctly or incorrectly.



Bubbles on the far wing are generally much too small