Blanket (nBl, BlBl)

This marking spreads over the neck and back, and in its dominant form can spread out over the wings and tail.

Shape & Coverage

(nBl) Blanket is a solid marking mainly concentrated on the back.


Recessive Blanket

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Minimum Recessive

Maximum Recessive

Dominant Only


Dominant Blanket (BlBl) can cover the entire dorsal side of the stryx, including the head. At its maximum, Dominant Blanket (BlBl) can also wrap around the edge of the wings and tails.


Dominant Blanket


  • It must not be too extreme in style. No swirlies or loop-de-loops, or other extreme cuts along the edge.

Edges, Blending & Texture

Edges should be mostly hard. Blanket should not be mistakable for Sable.



Colors & Interaction

Blanket can be any natural color.

Misc Section

Can Blanket fade-erase? No

Can Blanket be modified by a colormod? Yes

Can Blanket show on the beak, feet, and skin? No

Things to Avoid

  • While blanket can have texturing along the edges, it cannot have excessive ticking that stands apart from the marking itself.

Correct & Incorrect Examples

Below are in-game examples of design displaying the marking, either correctly or incorrectly.