Bengal (nBng, BngBng)

This marking is a linear pattern marking, traveling along the stryx horizontally. The caps to the ends of each line must be rounded off, and the lines should be relatively thick and chunky.

Shape & Coverage

Bengal (nBng, BngBng) covers all but the flight feathers. Unlike Streaks, the lines must be fairly thick and bulky, and the caps to each end must be rounded off. The Bengal lines themselves need to be long and fairly close together.


Recessive Bengal

Recessive and Dominant Bengal covers most of the body, but it cannot appear on some parts of flight surfaces or the proximal tail. At minimum, it must be celarly present on one point of the stryx– either the head, wings, legs, tail, or body.

Available Coverage Area


Dominant Bengal can introduce a second color inside the lines.


Dominant Bengal


  • Some minimal spotting at the ends of the marks are allowed. They should also be fairly chunky, and their size should be similar to the thickness of the line it trails from.
  • Bengal can fade out into the rest of the design.
  • Bengal can also appear on the beak & feet only– not claws, skin, tongue, etc.

Bengal Marking cont.

Further elaboration on the marking’s presentation.

Minimum & Maximum line weights for Bengal lines

Various Examples of Incorrect Bengal


Incorrect Second Color


Too Much Spotting; too far apart


 Too Similar to Streaks; not rounded


 Incorrect Flow

Edges, Blending & Texture

This marking allows for some moderate texturing & softened edges.

Edges cannot be so soft that they disappear into the design, or appear blended.



Colors & Interaction

In recessive form, Bengal can be any natural color. In dominant form, the second color may be present, and also must be natural.

Interacting with Colormods

Since this is a two-color marking in dominant form, if a colormod is present, then it can affect the whole marking or only just one of the colors. If there are two colormods present, then each mod can affect one color of the marking.

Misc Section

Can Bengal be modified by a colormod? Yes

Can Bengal show on the beak and  feet? Yes, but not skin.

Things to Avoid

  • Must follow the body line pretty well– Bengal cannot make large “hills” or “valleys” within the marking, or have any extreme directional changes.
  • Cannot be vein-y, or have any forks in the mark.
  • Spotting must be kept to a minimum, as the whole marking can’t be made up of lines of spots.

Correct & Incorrect Examples

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Lines are too short

Lines taper to a point and are not rounded off

Lines too spread out

Marking is made up of spots, and not actual lines; too many spots