Bald (nBld, BldBld)

A shock of white that covers the head and neck. In its dominant form, it can also cover the tail.

Shape & Coverage

Recessive Bald (nBld) can do one of two things:

  • It can present on the head & neck area,
  • or  it can present on the tail.

Dominant Bald (BldBld) can cover both the head/neck and  tail areas.

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Minimum Recessive

Maximum Recessive

Dominant Only


  • Bald may cover all other markings, including markings that otherwise show only on the head and neck.
  • Bald may alternatively layer in any order with face/head markings such as Moon, Eclipse, Hood, Stains, Ink, and Blush.

Edges, Blending & Texture

Bald should have relatively hard edges, with some feathering or texturing also being acceptable.



Colors & Interaction

While white is the predominant color, you may also use very light creams and grays for your Bald marking color as well.


Bald can layer in any order with other markings, including other facial marks such as Moon, Eclipse, Blush, and markings with presence on the face, like Stains and Ink.

Misc Section

Can Bald Fade-erase? No

Can Bald be modified by a colormod? Yes

Can Bald show on the beak, feet, and skin? No

Things to Avoid

  • Bald should not have extreme or unnatural cut-outs along the edges or within the marking.
  • Bald must cover the face- facial coverage is only optional with Hood.

Correct & Incorrect Examples