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Day and Night Tonic

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"Day and Night Tonic"
The liquid inside ripples with star speckled waves of light and darkness. Possesses mutagenic properties.

One use item: Adds Melanism or Leucism to an uploaded stryx or geno. Pair with a Major Makeover Kit to apply to uploaded Stryx.
  • Dominant basecoats cannot be made with this elixir. Previously existing dom genes, however, will be preserved.
  • If applying to Soil, Sand, or Snow, this tonic adds Ee to the genotype, changing it to the Mel version of that base coat.
  • If applying to Nox, the player may choose between adding Aa, Ss, or Aa/Ss, changing it to the Mel base coat of the player's choice.
  • You may only ADD Ee to a non-Nox stryx or Aa, Ss, or Aa/Ss to a Nox stryx with this elixir.
  • You must redesign the stryx to accommodate the new basecoat if added after upload (unless the stryx is albino or moth).
  • Melanism cannot be added to a stryx who has Leucism and vice versa.

Correct Examples
Before: ee/Aa/Ss/
After: Ee/Aa/Ss/

Before: ee/AA/ss/
After: Ee/AA/ss/

Before: Ee/aa/ss/
After: Ee/Aa/ss OR Ee/Aa/Ss OR Ee/aa/Ss/

Before: Ee/aa/ss
After: Ee/aa/ss//LEUC/

Incorrect Examples
Before: Ee/Aa/ss/
After: Ee/Aa/ss//LEUC/
(Leucism cannot be added to Melanistic coats and vice versa.)

Before: Ee/aa/ss
After: EE/aa/ss
(The tonic may not be used to make dominant base coats.)

Before: ee/Aa/ss
After: ee/Aa/Ss
(The tonic can only add base genes that make a Melanistic coat.)

Before: ee/Aa/ss
After: Ee/Aa/Ss
(The tonic can only add the Ee gene to a Soil base coat.)

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