Common Markings

Here is a full list of all Common markings in Dracostryx. Crosscheck the marking’s name or code with your stryx’s geno and pheno to find out which markings you have.

Bald (nBld, BldBld)
Bengal (nBng, BngBng)
Blanket (nBl, BlBl)
Blush (nBs, BsBs)
Bubbles (nBu, BuBu)
Crescent (nCs, CsCs)
Dunstripe (nDn, DnDn)
Eclipse (nEc, EcEc)
Fade (nFd, FdFd)

Flecks (nFl, FlFl)
Frost (nFr, FrFr)
Helm (nHm, HmHm)
Hood (nH, HH)
Ink (nI, II)
Moon (nMn, MnMn)
Osprey (nOs, OsOs)
Owldrop (nOwl, OwlOwl)
Pangare (nPn, PnPn)
Pants (nPts, PtsPts)

Pauldron (nPl, PlPl)
Ringed (nRng, RngRng)
Sable (nSbl, SblSbl)
Saddle (nSd, SdSd)
Scorch (nSc, ScSc)
Silver (nSlv, SlvSlv)
Splotched (nSpl, SplSpl)
Stains (nSt, StSt)
Tipped (nTp, TpTp)
Unders (nU, UU)